Ryan Hurd, author of the Lucid Immersion Blueprint, talks to Anne Hill of Dream Talk Radio about lucidity in dreaming and waking.

Topics include:

What is lucid immersion? (1:20)
Ryan’s trip to Nicaragua & travel as metaphor for lucidity (2:38)
Foundational practices for greater lucidity (5:45)
“Cognitive domestication” – disrupting habitual patterns (6:53)
Mind-Body-Spirit practices for embodied dreaming (8:25)
Lucid dreams as a fruit of lucid living (10:00)
“Bounded focus” – letting dreamwork and lucidity be playful (10:45)
Lucid immersion and the ancient Asklepia (12:00)
How habits become traits – taking the long vies (13:50)
Critique of some lucid dreaming assumptions (15:50)
How to stop having lucid dreams (16:25)
Lucid dreams and spiritual emergency (17:30)