Speakers at this year’s Gateways of the Mind Conference in London include Graham Nicholls, Dr. Michael Katz, Rory MacSweeney, and Sergio Magaña. Anne Hill, Dream Talk Radio host, interviews them all live about what they are bringing to the conference, what their earliest experiences of lucidity and expanded awareness were, and what they hope to gain from the three-day event. http://gatewaysofthemind.com

The Gateways of the Mind Conference (1:10)
Dr. Michael Katz on Tibetan Buddhist Dream Yoga, and the non-dual teachings of Dzogchen, or Natural Light (2:30)
Graham Nicholls on technologies and techniques for exploring out of body experiences (OBEs) (4:10)
Sergio Magaña on Nahuatl culture and their science of dreaming – Mexico as “Place of the Navel of the Moon” (6:12)
Lucid dreaming in Tibetan Buddhism leads to expanded consciousness and Awareness (8:50)
States of awareness in out of body experiences, life after death, near-death events, and moving beyond fear (12:00)
The Nahuatl traditional teachings on learning to dream and learning to die, and the power of creation (15:58)
All of the interviewees discuss their early experiences that set them on the path of dreams and consciousness exploration (19:00)
Rory MacSweeney on The Numinous Place, a multimedia interactive reading experience, and the myth of the Cyclops (27:15)
The martial arts, awareness of death, and the transformation of fear (29:25)
Davyd Farrell talks about the process of bringing together different perspectives on non-physical and dream states for the Gateways of the Mind Conference (31:10)
Sergio Magaña on the Aztec calendar, the Sun of Light and the Sun of Darkness, and why it is important today to embrace the shadow and learn to dream (32:35)
We hear from each participant on what they hope to bring away from the conference for themselves personally (35:00)